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The IBM 2321 Data Cell Drive (2010) ( 20 points by segfaultbuserr 31 days ago | hide | past | favorite | 2 comments. The IBM 2321 Data Cell Drive was introduced in 1964, after years of development work, as a very large capacity storage system. The total storage capacity was about 400 Mb. The drive accomodated 10 removable and interchangeable data cells like the one shown above. Each data cell contained 200 2.25" by 13" magnetic strips. A further advancement is the 2321 Data Cell Drive. Ten years ago IBM announced the 305 and 650 RAMAC Data Processing Systems---systems that heralded the on-line processing concept, wherein business transactions could be economically processed as they occurred. The IBM 2321 Data Cell announced in April 1964 (withdrawn January 1975) is a direct access storage device for the IBM System/360.

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IBM Archives: IBM 2321 data cell drive. IBM Archives: Exhibits: IBM Storage: IBM 2321 data cell drive. Ross SteinerComputer History · Wie Paul Rand die Ära  IBM 2321 Data Cell Drive Model 1. Table A Access할 수 있는 Drum, Disk, Data cell장치.

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Ibm 2321 data cell drive

IBM System / 360 -

Ibm 2321 data cell drive

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